Allison Williams Talks M3GAN Sequel Possibilities

The ending to the recent Blumhouse horror film M3GAN didn’t tease a sequel, but did leave things open-ended enough for one to be made. According to star Allison Williams, getting to work on another installment would be fantastic.

Speaking to Variety, Williams — who co-starred in the film alongside Violet McGraw — was asked about the potential for a sequel, which director Gerad Johnstone said he’d be interested in. According to Williams, the cast was wondering what a sequel could be like while filming, but she’s just happy people want more as of now.

“While you’re making it, you can’t help but wonder, ‘If we got to make more, what would they be?’ So much of what we do is in service of the people who watch it,” said Williams. “So I think the idea of people wanting more and being able to deliver is so wonderful.”

Williams went on to say that she’s just “grateful” that people have embraced the film from the very start, and noted that if a sequel ever gets made, it would be “really fun” to figure out how they can keep the expectations just as high and surprising as in the first film.

“I just feel so grateful that it all has gone the way that it has, from the trailer coming out and people really embracing her, people going out and supporting the movie and seeing it and going back with their friends,” Williams said. “The fact that they want more is just so great. It’s gonna be really fun if we get to work on it, to figure out how we can zig and zag that around the expectations of what it would be and try to keep things surprising while also delivering on the reasons that people want more in the first place.”

M3GAN is now available to watch in theaters.


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